Web Developer
Based In Basingstoke, England


Pinely - Discussion board

Pinely is a web app that helps teams, organistions and companies with communication, decision making, inclusion and facilitate broad discussions. It helps bridge the gap between Slack and Email by providing ease of use and sleek user interface.

Role: Frontend Engineer


 Styled Components
 Semantic UI
 React Testing Library

Novina Apparel - Ecommerce

Novina Apparel is an Ecommerce clothing web app made using React and Redux. The user information is stored in the Firebase database and user authentication is also done via Firebase. Stripe API has been integrated to make online purchases.

Role: Fullstack Engineer


 Google Authentication

Visit Bournemouth - Email

A fully responsive email built for 'Visit Bournemouth' brochure. This was created using nested tables and inline CSS. The template has been tested across multiple email clients and devices using Sendinblue.

Role: Email Developer




Hello, my name's Novina. I'm a passionte web developer from Basingstoke.

Previously, I worked in Document Management company for 3 years as an Implementation Specialist. This was a backend heavy role where the tech stack was 90% SQL Server and 10% CSharp. I was involved in big and fun projects and succesfully configured jobs for high profile clients such as Skansa, Investec, Westminster and Fujitsu.

I love dabbling into a lot of different technologies and recently carried out the Full Stack Web Development course with Lambda School. Throughout my time at Lambda School, I've worked on individual and team based projects using variety of programming langauges, modern technologies and frameworks. This really allowed me to gain a great understanding of full stack developement.

Aside from web dev, weight-lifting and travelling are another hobbies I really enjoy. I often travel with friends and explore new places.


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United Kingdom